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‘Leadership and Self Deception’ is a must read! The book is cleverly written as a fable about how you work to achieve your goals and what tools you use...

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What others had to say.

Don't just take my word for it, here's what people I've worked with have said:


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  • Paul Campey
    National Chairman, Youth For Christ Australia
    “I have worked with Emma for a number of years in her role as a Director of a significant National not for profit organisation.

    During that time I have appreciated her insight, wisdom and strategic thinking along with her great knowledge of people and HR issues. Emma is a great asset to our board and I am sure to anyone else she works with or for.”


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  • Dean Mills
    Chief Information Officer, World Vision Australia
    “Emma is a versatile and highly experienced HR practitioner having held many senior positions across the HR profession.

    Passionate in her field of expertise she is relentless in ensuring senior leadership and talent is identified, developed and then leveraged. This has enabled optimal performance opportunities to be realised. A high level of Emotional Intelligence enables Emma to tailor her style effectively. I would recommend Emma in a Senior HR Leadership / Executive Coaching capacity”


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  • Nicole Miran-Khan
    Career Coach client, 2012
    “Emma is a fantastic coach; she offers the perfect balance between supporting and challenging the ideas of her coachee.

    Emma is always available and remains approachable even when things are hectic at her end. Emma is genuine and well-rounded in her advice, offering a variety of reading and tools to support the process. I would recommend Emma to anyone seeking clarity and guidance in your personal value proposition, workplace issues and/or establishing next steps in their career. If you work with Emma you will see results in your desired focus area.”


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  • Con Triantafillou
    Head of Service Delivery, ICT, World Vision Australia
    “When it comes to coaching, Emma is brilliant.

    She has the wisdom, consistency and experience to coach anyone in any situation. Emma has the amazing ability to guide a coachee towards the root of any issue, to keep you there until you've explored it thoroughly, then guide you back out with an action plan to address the issue - all this without giving any answers or soultions. Emma helps the coachee solve issues and identify areaas for improvement without giving you the answers, which is the true art of coaching.”


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  • Tanya Cook
    Project Manager, Performance Management, World Vision Australia
    “Emma is one of those rare manager's that if you come across once in your lifetime, you are a lucky person.

    As a manager she provide the clarity, commitment and guidance you need in order to be successful in your role. She has a great capability to get the best performance out of teams by holding those around her accountable, having the courage to push through in times of adversity and instilling high expectations of all team members when it comes to 'Teamwork'.”





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