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One on One Coaching.

Dedicated to helping you achieve the goals and visions of your organisation.


Leadership (organisational) coaching is a collaborative one on one learning process. Think of it as a series of conversations between yourself and your coach to facilitate performance and development.

Common Sense Leadership coaching uses a learning framework and systematic solution-focussed process to set goals, brainstorm your options, take action and reflect on your results. Not only will you see huge improvements in yourself, your organisation will benefit from your enhanced leadership skills.

Common Sense Leadership’s 5 step approach:

Living up to our name, leadership coaching should make sense – common sense. With this in mind, undertaking coaching with us involves a simple 5 step process:

  1. The brief

    Let’s put faces to names. The best way to start is to actually meet and make sure you are comfortable to engage your coach. Trust is a major player in any coaching relationship.

    Your coach will discuss the issues you’d like to address and work out a plan with you. You should walk away from your complimentary session buzzing with excitement and ready to be coached.

  2. Confirmation

    Once you’ve met your coach and made a connection, a coaching contract is signed. Your coach should review your existing performance or development information that you or your senior management has provided.

    If your coach needs further information, they have a set process that will help to identify and confirm possible areas for learning and development. Don’t worry – this is really easy and straight forward and your coach will let you know exactly what they need in order to get started.

  3. Three way meeting

    This may not occur. Sometimes, the coaching client may have an organisational ‘sponsor’ (such as a line manager, senior manager...) who would like to be involved in the process. This sponsor would meet with the coach and the coaching client to discuss the organisation’s expectations for the coaching sessions.

    This shouldn’t cause any stress to you as the coaching client. Many big organisations like to ensure that they are spending money wisely and just want to make sure that you are being coached appropriately. It’s nothing personal!

  4. Let’s get started with one on one coaching

    Let the fun begin. Don’t fear your coaching sessions but embrace them. During your coaching, all your thoughts and input are taken into account to create useful and desired outcomes (or learning goals).

    At no stage will you be treated like a child who needs to be re-trained. Your coach structures each stage of your coaching journey on key adult learning principles. Your past knowledge and learning will be taken into account and you’ll be shown how to create new ways of thinking and behaving.

    Your leadership coaching will be practical and related to your workplace. Over time your increased self-awareness will be evident in changes of attitude, knowledge and skills that enhance your performance and results.

    You must remain committed to your coaching. Your coach can guide you along your path however it will be your responsibility to enact change and implement the actions that you’ve agreed to during your coaching journey.

  5. I think I can, I think I can – you’re getting there!

    Coaching can be a lengthy process depending on how far you want to push yourself. Your coach will keep a note of your progress and throughout your coaching sessions, they will give you feedback.

    When you reach the half-way point (the point of no return to the old you), you will undertake a progress review with your coach. Your goals and expectations (which you set out initially) will be reviewed against your current outcomes. You may surprise yourself on how well you’re going, or you may see areas you still need to focus on.

    If you have an organisational sponsor, they will be invited to both the mid and end reviews so they can see firsthand the benefits you are reaping from your coaching sessions.

As you can see, the process is simple – it’s common sense. Remember, you’re already a leader, you’re just learning how to enhance your skills to be the best you can be. Don’t be scared – it’s easy, it’s fun and you’ll walk away from each session feeling invigorated.




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