"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

John C. Maxwell

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Book review

‘Leadership and Self Deception’ is a must read! The book is cleverly written as a fable about how you work to achieve your goals and what tools you use...

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Con Triantafillou

“When it comes to coaching, Emma is brilliant. She has the wisdom..."

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Frequently asked questions.



What is the role of a coach?

Think of a coach as a teacher, a trainer or a professional/personal development expert. They are highly skilled to help you achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal.


Are there different types of coaching?

Yes! Each coach will have their own structure, models and methodologies of coaching that are designed to make you think outside the square, challenge yourself and learn new behaviours for personal or professional growth.

You will find many specialist coaches: business coaches, life coaches, sport coaches, executive coaches, financial coaches and even relationship coaches. So whatever you need, you’ll find a coach to help.


What does Common Sense Leadership specialise in?

Common Sense Leadership focuses on executive coaching and leadership coaching. Sometimes businesses can lose sight of their overall vision and goals and Common Sense Leadership are experts on getting you back on track to achieving your goals. Find out more about our One on One Coaching.


How long before I will see results?

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen! As with all coaching, the results depend on how committed you are to the process and how diligently you work through the issues. Your coach will provide you with resources and encourage you to become self-motivated throughout the coaching process. It’s really your choice. Some people only need 3 months, others take more time.


Can I ‘trial’ coaching by only having a couple of sessions?

Sure you can! But it is very unlikely that you will see real benefits in a couple of sessions. Bear in mind that coaching is meant to help you make major shifts in your life and this can’t be instantaneous. By all means though ‘trial’ your coach and make sure you’re compatible as trust plays a huge part in your coaching relationship.


I’m unsure about the cost for long term coaching. Is the pricing flexible?

Spending money on personal development (for ourselves or our businesses) is often one of the hardest things to do. Common Sense Leadership understands that parting with your hard earned money has to be worth it and that is why we have different packages to suit your needs.


Can I ‘try before I buy’?

Certainly! The best way to find out about Common Sense Leadership’s coaching is to book a complimentary session. In this session you can see if you feel the ‘click’ and if your coach understands your vision and goals. From there we can work out a package tailored to suit your needs.


I’m really busy. How long is a session?

Finding ‘me’ time is often your first challenge. If you choose to undertake coaching, depending on what your goals are, you should aim to set aside at least 1 hour each fortnight/month. The session lengths may vary depending on the discussion that is created and may change from session to session as you set and meet your goals. All I can say is that the more effort you put in, the faster you will see results.


Is coaching possible if I can’t always meet in person?

That’s fine. Although coaching face to face is the best option, we understand that life sometimes puts time constraints on us. You can opt to undertake your coaching session over the phone, via video link up or Skype. We have a number of clients who are interstate and they tell us that this works well for them, as there seem to be less distractions over the phone.




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Book Review

‘Leadership and Self Deception’ is a must read! The book is cleverly written as a fable about how you work to achieve your goals and what tools you use...

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One on One Coaching

Leadership coaching is a collaborative one on one learning process. Think of it as a series of conversations between yourself and your coach...

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