"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."

Peter Drucker

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“I have worked with Emma for a number of years in her role as a Director..."

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‘Leadership and Self Deception’ is a must read! The book is cleverly written as a fable about how you work to achieve your goals and what tools you use...

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Inspiration, encouragement, leadership and empowerment.

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  • If the role of a coach is to inspire, encourage, lead and empower their teams to deliver on agreed strategy, Emma McQueen can be considered a leader amongst leaders.

    With a history of senior management roles within the not-for-profit, mining and corporate sectors, Emma has been "officially" coaching for nearly 10 years and "unofficially" coaching throughout her entire life. A single meeting with Emma leaves you in no doubt that you're in the presence of a dedicated, highly competent and very dynamic coach.

    As a coach, Emma works with a number of high profile individuals and has developed numerous tools and approaches for their unique talents and attributes. Every client is treated differently yet every client is treated like gold!

    A genuine and compassionate person, Emma has a unique ability to quickly create trusting environments for her clients where they can safely explore their motivations and personal challenges. Emma focuses on leveraging individual strengths to fully achieve at work and leaves clients feeling fulfilled and empowered. Don't be fooled though – Emma is resolute and achievement focused, holding people to account for their actions and building motivation for them to succeed.

    When not (officially) coaching, Emma works for a well-known not-for-profit organisation and dedicates her talents to a number of boards in non-executive director positions. Wherever she is found, Emma is working to get the best from those she has contact with.

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    We help you 'walk the talk'.

    With our 'common sense' leadership style, we can help you achieve your goals by:


    Teaching you to keep things simple, clear and consistent


    Showing you how to be enthusiastic about your team, energetic with your work and optimistic with your life


    Working with you one on one to enhance your performance and development

    You may already be a natural born leader. However coaching is hugely beneficial to help you improve both your personal and professional life. Coaching will encourage you to achieve extraordinary results, giving you a sense of achievement, fulfilment and engagement.

    We guarantee to enhance your skills.

    We will monitor your coaching sessions to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. Your coach is the expert who will guide you to identify goals and aspirations and enhance your skills to:


    Be able to transition successfully from any role into a leadership role


    Become aware of blind spots in your professional attitude, values and issues


    Learn to be a more effective leader through becoming flexible in your personal style


    Enhance your ethical decision making skills


    Become politically savvy within your organisation and encourage your entire team to be high performing


    See how to turn ‘hard’ conversations (such as underperformance) into ‘common sense’, breakthrough conversations


    High quality leadership coaching is best-performed one on one. If you’re curious if coaching could enhance your leadership style, don’t delay in contacting us today. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be wowing your colleagues and team with enhanced performance and results.

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    One on One Coaching.

    Dedicated to helping you achieve the goals and visions of your organisation.

    Leadership (organisational) coaching is a collaborative one on one learning process. Think of it as a series of conversations between yourself and your coach to facilitate performance and development.

    Common Sense Leadership coaching uses a learning framework and systematic solution-focussed process to set goals, brainstorm your options, take action and reflect on your results. Not only will you see huge improvements in yourself, your organisation will benefit from your enhanced leadership skills...

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    What is the role of a coach?
    What does Common Sense Leadership specialise in?
    How long before I will see results?
    Can I ‘try before I buy’?
    Is coaching possible if I can’t always meet in person?


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