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About Emma

Founder of Common Sense Leadership, Emma McQueen has a history of senior management roles within the not-for-profit, mining and corporate sectors...

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Common Sense Leadership.

Because leading your team shouldn’t be hard – it should make sense.

Being a leader takes a certain skill set with emotional intelligence, humility and grace topping the list. You can study and hone your leadership skills for years and may still occasionally struggle. Perhaps you’re over-thinking your choices rather than taking a 'common sense' approach.



We help you 'walk the talk'.

With our 'common sense' leadership style, we can help you achieve your goals...

We guarantee to enhance your skills.

We will monitor your coaching sessions to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. Your coach is the expert who will guide you to identify goals and aspirations and enhance your skills...

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One on One Coaching.

Dedicated to helping you achieve the goals and visions of your organisation.

Leadership (organisational) coaching is a collaborative one on one learning process. Think of it as a series of conversations between yourself and your coach to facilitate performance and development.

Common Sense Leadership coaching uses a learning framework and systematic solution-focussed process to set goals, brainstorm your options, take action and reflect on your results. Not only will you see huge improvements in yourself, your organisation will benefit from your enhanced leadership skills...

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Paul Campey

“I have worked with Emma for a number of years in her role as a Director..."

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Nicole Miran-Khan

“Emma is a fantastic coach; she offers the perfect balance between supporting..."

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Con Triantafillou

“When it comes to coaching, Emma is brilliant. She has the wisdom..."

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Tanya Cook

“Emma is one of those rare manager's that if you come across once in your lifetime..."

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